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CSHM Award for Excellence in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

The CSHM award for Excellence in in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety is presented in recognition of exemplary quality improvement initiatives in Hospital Medicine that engage the full patient care team. The award is intended to highlight outstanding team approaches to implementing interventions that improve patient care and safety.

Criteria for Evaluation

Submissions may be related to any aspect of quality improvement and each submission will be judged using the following criteria:

  1. Broad-Based Participation & Team Approach
    Projects should demonstrate involvement of members from various healthcare delivery and support disciplines. The team, not an individual, should be the focus of the project.

  2. Scope and Magnitude
    Projects should address patient safety issues of considerable scope and magnitude, and with consideration for the patient population affected and the project's risk reduction potential (i.e., potential impact on the frequency and/or severity of harm).

  3. Measurability
    The impact of the project should be measurable and sustainable. Measures may be leading or lagging, evidence-based or consensus-based indicators of success including those related to structure and process, with a bias toward those that demonstrate a change in outcomes.

  4. Transferability Development of Portable Implementation Guidelines or Tools
    Projects should lend themselves to being replicated at other institutions, with an emphasis on solutions that are practical, relevant, and cost-effective.