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The CSHM is committed to promoting the highest quality of care for all hospitalized patients.

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About Us

What is the Canadian Society of Hospital Medicine (CSHM)

The Canadian Society of Hospital Medicine was founded in 2001 as the Canadian chapter of the US based Society of Hospital Medicine.  The CSHM is committed to promoting the highest quality of care for all hospitalized patients.  The CSHM supports Canadian hospitalists promoting excellence in the practice of hospital medicine through education, advocacy and research.


What is a Hospitalist


The term “Hospitalist” was coined in a landmark New England Journal of Medicine article written in 1996 by Bob Wachter.  A Hospitalist is a physician whose primary professional focus is the general medical care of hospitalized patients.  Their activities include patient care, teaching, research, and leadership related to hospital medicine.  Many patients are referred to hospitalists by their family physician for treatment during the duration of their hospitalization then returned to the care of their family physician after discharge. Hospitalists consult on and treat patients referred by surgeons and medical sub specialists during their hospitalizations.  Hospitalists also care for the “unassigned patient” who has no primary doctor.


Who are Canadian Hospitalists


The Society of Hospital Medicine estimates that there are over 20 000 Hospitalists in North America.  In Canada the majority of physicians who identify themselves as Hospitalists have a training background in Family Practice.  The are also a number of Hospitalist programs staffed by General Internists, Sub Specialists in Internal Medicine as well as Pediatricians.