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The CSHM aims to advance hospital medicine through the creation of specialized committees made up of hospitalists experts from across the country. The CSHM currently has two committees: Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Committee, and Research Committee.


Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Committee

  •    Dr. Christy Bussey MD
  •    Dr. Sunita Chakel MD
  •    Dr. Natalie Cheng MD
  •    Dr. Aruna Dhara MD CCFP
  •    Dr. Ed Etchells MD FRCPC
  •    Dr. Mark Evans MD CCFP
  •    Dr. Sonali Garland MD
  •    Dr. Amir Ginsburg MD FRCPC
  •    Dr. Pieter Jugovic, MD CCFP
  •    Dr. Steve Ligertwood MD CCFP
  •    Dr. Bob Maloney MD
  •    Dr. Ritesh Mistry MD CCFP
  •    Dr. Christine Soong MD MSc CCFP (chair)
  •    Dr. Michael Tsoi, MD CCFP
  •    Dr. Rod Tukker MD CCFP
  •    Dr. Echo Enns, MD CCFP (ex officio)
  •    Dr. David Wilton MD CCFP FHM (ex officio)
  •    Dr. Vandad Yousefi MD CCFP (ex officio)


Research Committee

  •    Dr. Christine Soong MD MSc CCFP
  •    Dr. Vandad Yousefi MD CCFP (chair)
  •    Dr. Judit Bankoyi MD CCFP FCFP
  •    Dr. Mireille Norris BScPT MD FRCPC MHSc
  •    Dr. Pieter Jugovic MD CCFP
  •    Dr. Christopher Chong MD FRCPC