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Board of Directors


President: Dr. Serge Soolsma

Secretary-Treasurer: Vacant


Board of Directors

Alberta Representative :  Dr. Serge Soolsma

BC Representative: Dr. Kieran Nair

Ontario Representative: Vacant

Quebec Representative: Dr. Jean-Francois Germain

Maritime Representative: Dr. Christy Bussey

Internal Medicine Representative: Dr. Bill Coke

Academic Representative: Dr. Mirielle Norris

Chair, Core Competencies in Hospital Medicine: Dr. Jean Maskey

Chair, Quality Committee: Dr. Christine Soong

Chair, Research Committee: Dr. Vandad Yousefi

Chair, 2020 Conference Org Committee: Dr. James Eisner

Member at Large: Dr. Marcel Doré

Member at Large: Dr. James Eisner

Member at Large: Dr. Echo Enns

Member at Large: Dr. Dave Harris

Member at Large: Dr. Pieter Jugovic

Member at Large: Dr. Jean Maskey

Member at Large: Dr. Jennifer Minsos

Member at Large: Dr. Dave Wilton